Suse Pro 9.0 on IBM Laptop 600E

I got this laptop for personal and business use.

So I decided to dual boot Win98 & Suse Pro 9.0

and what a learning experience its been.

I wanted to learn Linux and did get a few different distros, but Suse Pro 9.0 has been the easist to installed


I first formatted the hard drive on the laptop with fdisk creating 1 partition.

I installed Suse Pro 9.0 -Kernal 2.4-. Yast found all the things that are installed on the laptop with very few PROBLEMS.

Yast split the harddrive into 6g for Suse Pro and about 3g for Win98ME.

Video Card Drivers

Yast found the video card -Neomagic 256 and I set the resolution to 1024+768 =AWSOME BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Sound Card Drivers

Sound didn't work and after reading up on the forums:

and HOLY COW – it works.....

Internal Modem Drivers

The internal 56k modem does not work with SUSE,

but works fine with Win98ME so trying to get that fixed. I read and heard about the m wave modem driver being coded for us IBM'ers.

After reading the forums again, I discovered that a certain DOS software program is needed to turn on the the serial port, and turn off the infrared port. That is Next!!!!!

I discovered the Suse has that driver included with the set of disks so I installed it but still not working. Was trying to get a US robotics external modem to work, works fine in Win98ME, but not in Linux, because of the serial port IRQ being used by the infrared port. I'm working on it.


I using a PC card from Linksys -model 10/100 = Works Great

Using an U.S. Robotics wireless PCMCIA USR5410, loaded up ndiswrapper, and it WORKed Great !!!!

External Storage

I'm use a USB flash drive for external storage and Suse plugger found it and labeled it sda1.

I'm use a Omege Zip Drive for external storage and Suse plugger found that and labeled it sda4